The New Year is coming Time for CPR training.

As the new year approaches so too do expiration of CPR cards.

Remember to get all the training supplies you need like  CPR training Valves , CPR pocket face Masks and Replacement one way valves for CPR masks

The CPR training Valves  we offer come with tiered pricing   The more you buy the more you save.   Prices as low as $0.89 a valve with a typical selling price to students of $2  gives CPR instructors an extra way to make some cash.

The same with our CPR pocket face Masks  as low as $3.99 each with a selling price to students of $5.99 each.  Stock up while you can.


Also remember to Test you AED’s and check the CPR pocket face Masks and  Replacement one way valves  in your AED kits.   They can’t do any good if they are no good.