Emergency preparedness and our lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy.

For those of you that noticed we were closed for over 2 weeks thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

1.5 weeks without power then a few days to clean up.    On the bright side we put a lot of our items to the test.

The Nebo Larry Light earned a special place in our hearts.  This light was amazing.  I took the magnetic clip from the Larry Light and attached one to the fridge and the other to the microwave over our stove.   The 2 Larry lights produced enough light that you wouldn’t have know we lost power.   The clip also provided hands free light by clipping it to the collar or pockets of our clothes.   We now have a Larry Light in everyone’s emergency kit.

The Nebo Eco Lantern also did well.   I plugged this in to charge as the storm approached.  Not sure when it achieved full charge status as I left it plugged in until we lost power.   That was the only time I charged it.   I am not sure exactly how long the Eco Lantern lasted but we used it 3-5 hours a night times 10 nights.   So we got 30 to 50 hours of light out of a single charge.   Still holds up to our original test of 41 hours.  No winding, however the sun probably added to the charge as it does have a solar panel up top.  We did not put it in direct sunlight though.

While our Survival rations did not a gourmet meal make, they did satisfy our hunger and keep the clean up down.   Which when you don’t have hot water cleaning can be a pain.

Our paracord braclets weren’t quite used but the paracord they are made of did come in handy.   There were quite a few items we needed to tie down and the paracord worked quite nicely.   We kept a roll of paracord in our pockets at all times and it was used more than once.

Here is to hoping we never have to use these again like this, but safe in the knowledge they are there.

Stay safe everyone, come home after every shift and have a happy and safe holiday season.