Emergency preparedness

Given the severe weather of the recent years it’s a good idea to have some items on hand for such emergencies.   You don’t have to go crazy with your items and look like someone that belongs on “Doomsday Preppers” but there are always items that everyone should have.

The #1 problem that most people realistically fear is loss of power.   We lose all comfort in power losses.  Our once comfortable houses turn into black saunas.   While you can’t do much about the temperature without power you can do something about the darkness. A alternate powered light like the Nebo Eco Lantern 5105 is a good idea.   It is charged by AC, Car plug, Solar and wind up.   Our tests have show that charging it via AC adapter you get 41 hours of continuous light.   Break that down into 10 hours of darkness per day and  you get 4 nights use out of a single charge.   Now if you leave it outside during the day to charge by solar you can probably get a lot more out of it.    There are other wind up lights like the Nebo Wind up lantern and flashlight combo 5041  that will save you some money. Also any LED light tends to last a long time compared to it’s incandescent brothers.  The Nebo Redline happens to be a very good compact flashlight to use all the time.

The #2 problem is food.   Most people have enough to last a day or 2 with out power, but lately the time to restore power is getting longer and longer.  It’s probably a good idea to have more like 7 days for each member of the family.   Caned food will do but isn’t the tastiest thing in the world after a few days.   There are a number of Military Rations available today that are actually complete meals.   Just add water.  heat up a bit and you have a full 4 course meal.  Surpack complete meals actually taste pretty good take up little room and come in a variety of flavors including vegetarian.

The most important thing is to have these on hand before you have an emergency.  Every time the news reports how people flood stores in the days just prior to a big storm wasting hours that a week before would have taken minuets.

Stay safe and be prepared.