Bug out bags, Go bags, Survival bags, why we added them.

Most people put go bags under the purview of a TV show for extreme preppers.  The truth is it’s something that everyone should consider.   Depending on where you live having to evacuate is a very real possibility.  Just last month in our area hundreds were evacuated due to brush fires.

The question is how bad is a disaster going to be and how soon will emergency resources be able to reach you?   If it’s not for days what are you going to do.

Things you need to consider for a Go bag, prepper bag, etc..

  1. Food
  2. A way to prepare food
  3. water
  4. Shelter
  5. Fire
  6. other light source
  7. protection from the elements
  8. A way to obtain more food or water if needed.
  9. Protection from Animals or others
  10. First aid kit
  11. clothes
  • Food is a given for all emergency kits, we use MRE’s.   A way to prepare food we include a stove, fuel tabs, a camping mess kit.
  • Water we include a 5 gallon water container, a canteen and water purification tablets
  • Shelter a 2 man tent is included
  • Fire we have fuel tabs, and a Fire starter,   It’s also a good idea for you to throw in some matches
  • Other light sources we include a flash light that has white, Red and Green light to help preserve night vision and chemical glow sticks that last 12 hours
  • Protection from the elements we include a 2 man tent
  • A survival knife is included that has fish hooks if you end up running out of food before emergency resources can reach you.
  • A gun is recommended by some for hunting or protection, unfortunately disasters tend to bring out those who would take advantage of others.  A shot gun tends to be the most available and most versatile weapon for such.
  • First aid kit for injuries, we include a MOLLE compatible tactical first aid kit
  • Clothes is up to you.   Probably 2 days worth plus what you have.

It’s a good idea to have a bag ready and in a safe place for each member of your family.  Exactly what you need for a go bag will be dependent on where you live.  Urban areas will need less than rural areas.  You also can’t plan for every possibility but you can be prepared for most.

Look into the bag we offer or make your own, we will be offering the individual pieces of our kit soon.