Cactus Juice? On a Fire and EMS supply store?

Cactus Juice Outdoor Protectant and sunscreen is now available on our site.  Why would we carry something like this?   Well we discovered it on Roatan (Honduras).   We were being eaten alive by bugs.  Normally you only need insect protection at night at most places we go, but here it was 24/7.    The local store had only Cactus Juice so we took it.  Not only did it work well, but it didn’t stink or feel sticky like typical Insect repellent.

While they can no longer call it insect repellent due to some FDA or whatever regulations it happens to do it quite well.   If you work in an urban area Cactus Juice is of little use to you.  However if you work out in the suburbs, near woods or swamps this stuff is great!   They have also added sunscreen to the formula so it has 2 uses in one.

Cactus Juice is made of all natural ingredients and does not smell like insecticide.  You won’t want to vomit if you accidently spray it in your mouth (still not recommended though).

From time to time we find little jems like this that seem to have little use for EMS or Fire until you realize just how useful they can be to you if not your patient.


Stay Safe!