We hold these truths to be self evident………

I was at a class last night and the lecturer brings out this quote  We hold these truths to be self evident………    Then goes on to say All bleeding stops eventually,  all cardiac rhythms stabilize.

It made me think of one truism in EMS that most people don’t acknowledge.  we don’t consider our own safety as much as we should.    How many of us wear seat belts when we are caring for a patient?  Wear the ANSI vests at a scene on a street?   Actually look at all the possible threats to our safety in the home of a patient?   Lift Correctly?  Continue caring for our patients after we are injured only to shake it off, then find ourselves out of work for weeks or more because the injury was far more serious then we thought?

How many back injuries occurred just this week?  How many injuries due to an unrestrained EMT in the back?  I know of one where the Paramedic now has an L1 L2 fracture and is now in a full body cast.

We are taught to focus in on our patient and vector in on their problem.  Still we cannot forget to maintain a situational awareness.   In the end our goals should be

  1.  get home to our families in one piece
  2.  make sure our partners do the same
  3.  take care of the patient.

IN 2011 our LODD rate was higher than that of Firefighters and Police officers.  This is not an accomplishment to be proud of.   This is a call to say how can we change this?


Stay Safe